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How to Create an Authentic Traditional Kitchen

Posted on by The Cabinet Maket

There are significant differences between the modern streamline kitchens that are now being installed to the kitchens of years gone by. However, the traditional style is still extremely popular in many different types of homes up and down the country as well as worldwide. There are a number of design features that should be taken into account when thinking about your dream traditional kitchen.


The style of the units is a main part of the traditional kitchen as these are panelled and avoid the simple modern design. With crafted detail on each unit, this adds character to any kitchen and is a subtle touch which can make a real difference. The handles that you put onto each of the units are also important to retain the authentic look. A slightly weathered look can also be great when choosing handles to give the impression that they are a little older than they actually are.


Traditional kitchens are fairly easy to design when it comes to the colour scheme. Keep it simple and stick to creams and browns throughout. These will not only complement each other, but create a calming atmosphere that you can enjoy with friends and family.


These are a key point when creating an authentic traditional kitchen. Aim for solid woods whether these are of a light, medium or dark colour is not particularly important and depends on your personal taste. Make sure the colours of the wood work well with the colours of your walls and unit or otherwise it could look very mix matched.

Keeping these main points in mind will result in a stunning and homely kitchen ideal for any family. Here at The Cabinet Maker we are able to design and create bespoke kitchens for our clients. If you would like to enquire about designing your dream traditional kitchen, call us today on 01945 475 635.

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