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How to Create the Ultimate Haven in Your Home

Posted on by The Cabinet Maket

We’re all guilty of sitting in a room and mentally decorating the walls, adding the perfect furniture as well as all those little accessories that make a room individual to you. Decorating a room can be great fun, it can be your chance to unleash your creative flair and produce your dream room – and your bedroom is no exception.

However the bedrooms of the home are often the rooms that are left until last to be decorated as they’re not quite as visible as the kitchen and living room. But when it comes to this time of year, with the long, cold winter days, you need your own little haven to curl up in, relax and shut out the horrible weather.

Start with Your Bed:

This will be the most prominent feature in your room and an object you spend a lot of time in so it needs to be comfortable and luxurious. Make sure you have a good quality mattress and a duvet that you can snuggle up in. Invest in some good quality bed linens; this is where you can add some colour and creativity into your room.


Your furniture will depend on your personality and what you plan to do in your bedroom – will you need a desk to work at or a dressing table and mirror so you can get ready in the morning? A must have when it comes to bedroom furniture is fitted wardrobes; they are perfect as they take up a minimal amount of space and can be fitted to the size and shape of your room. They’re also great for storing all that clutter as well as all those shoes and handbags!


However stunning wooden floors look they can get a bit cold this time of year so get yourself an attractive, thick rug to add colour as well as a bit of warmth into your room. If you have carpets it’s always a good idea to go for neutral colours as these never go out of fashion and you can quite easily change the colour of the walls and it won’t clash with the carpet.

If you’re looking for fitted furniture for your bedroom or you’d like soma advice on how best to utilise the space you have then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and find out what we can do for you.

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