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How to Maximise the Space in a Small Bedroom

Posted on by The Cabinet Maket

To many of us, bedrooms are like a sanctuary we can retreat to and unwind after a hard day at work. However, more often than not we find that our bedrooms are not as large as we would like them to be. Does this mean that you have to sacrifice your comfort? Certainly not. There are some easy tips you can use to maximise the space available in your bedroom, regardless of its size.

Make the right choice of colours

It is no secret that certain colours can create the visual illusion of spaciousness. While purple or dark blue might be your favourite colours, painting the walls in these tones will make the bedroom feel smaller. The same goes for accessories and furnishings, such as cushions, duvets, curtains or carpets. Whenever possible, try to use light colours on your walls and curtains, like the lighter shades of yellow, blue, cream or green tones. Contrasting dark flooring and light walls is another useful trick.

Maximise storage space

Wardrobes and trunks are not the only storage solutions that you can use in your bedroom. Try to be creative and think of alternative storage space ideas, like storage drawers under the bed or under the floorboards. You could also invest in a rolling closet and gain up to 50 per cent more space in your bedroom.

Direct attention to the ceiling

By making the ceiling in your bedroom look higher, you will also be creating the impression of space. You can achieve this by painting it in a lighter tone than the bedroom walls (usually white or pastel tones). To maximise the effect, make sure that the crown moulding is no thicker than 3 inches and that you don’t hang large lamps from the ceiling.

Artwork and decorative items

You don’t have to keep the walls bare just because your bedroom is on the small side. Paintings, posters, collages, or photographs can make the room feel spacious if they are hung high on the walls.

Consider fitted bedroom furniture

Fitting your bedroom with tailor-made furniture is one of the best ways of maximising the space available, as bespoke furniture makes the most of every inch of space. Another advantage of choosing fitted bedroom furniture is that it gives you the freedom to choose among countless styles, colours and finishing touches so that your bedroom truly reflects your personality.

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