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How to Create Your Dream Kitchen

Posted on by The Cabinet Maket

Whether you intend to have your dream kitchen built from scratch or to have it remodelled from your existing kitchen, it’s important to plan the process care
fully before any work starts.

And as creators of bespoke kitchens with many years of experience, we know a lot about designing the perfect kitchen, which is why we’re sharing the following kitchen design tips with you. They highlight some of the most important factors you need to consider in designing your dream kitchen.

  • Don’t rush the planning processthink-622166_960_720

Naturally, you want your dream kitchen as soon as possible but it doesn’t pay to rush the planning process.

Planning will help you to avoid making mistakes in the design that will be expensive to fix once the new kitchen is built or remodelled.

It will also help to ensure your new kitchen is functional and beautiful.

  • Decide what you want from your kitchen

There’s a big difference between a kitchen that will be used solely for cooking and one that will double as a dining room and family gathering place.

A kitchen that incorporates a dining area, for example, will need enough space to comfortably accommodate a dining table and chairs.

  • Keep it in the style of your home15672509_1426378127372766_8580967959897654970_n

Design a kitchen that’s in keeping with the age and style of your home so it adds rather than detracts from the overall theme.

For example, a traditional farmhouse-style kitchen will look odd in a contemporary, open-plan home. Similarly, a minimalist, sleek kitchen may seem out of keeping with a Georgian home.

Of course, it is your choice but if you do intend to sell your home at some point, having a kitchen that’s vastly different in design and period from the rest of your house may be an obstacle for would-be purchasers.

  • Get inspiration and help from experts

Talk to people who spend every day designing dream kitchens for their clients. They’ll have plenty of ideas, suggestions and advice that will help you to achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

  • Focus on function

To make the most efficient use of space in your kitchen, use a functional layout known as the ‘Work Triangle’. It means the oven, sink and fridge—the items you’re likely to use the most—form a working triangle.

To provide you with the ideal cooking environment, your oven, sink and fridge should be no more than six feet apart.

  • Make sure you include plenty of storage

One of the most important parts of any kitchen is the cabinetry. Not only will your kitchen cabinets be a big focal point in your kitchen, they will provide you with the storage space you need to keep your counter-tops free of clutter.

Don’t be stingy when it comes to your kitchen storage space. After all, the appliances and utensils that can’t be stored away will eventually clutter up your countertops.

  • Do make the most of all the storage space in your kitchen.

For example, extend kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling rather than leaving a gap at the top. Just don’t place tall cupboards next to doorways or windows because the kitchen could end up looking smaller than it is.

Do include deep drawers so that you can tuck your pots, pans and appliances away when they’re not in use. This will help to keep your kitchen countertops clear.

Only allow an expert in joinery kitchen installations to install your new kitchen storage cabinets.

  • Lighting is paramountScreenshot 2017-03-10 15.39.35

Unless you like cooking in shadow, make sure the lights in your kitchen are positioned so that the light falls in front of you.

Great lighting will enable you to transform the look and feel of your kitchen at the flick of a switch. And there are so many lighting options to choose from.

Besides the traditional overhead kitchen lights, consider over table lights, under cabinet lights, spot lights, alcove lights, floor lights, and even lights that double as extractor fans!

  • Remember the power sources

Don’t forget to include the correct gas or electric power sources in your new or revamped kitchen, particularly if you intend to relocate some or all your big appliances.

When it comes to the installation of your gas and electrics, only ever use professionals. Your gas work should be carried out and certified by a qualified gas safe installer. Your electrical work must be carried out by a certificated Part P qualified electrician.

  • Give your appliances enough roomScreenshot 2017-03-10 15.39.42

Do measure your appliances to ensure you provide them with enough space. If you don’t think they’ll fit with your new or revamped kitchen, consider replacing them.

  • Be generous with your counter tops

Don’t skimp on the amount of counter space you have in your kitchen. After all, you really can’t have too much counter space in a kitchen.

  • Choose durable, easy clean counter tops

When you’re choosing your counter tops, remember to pick ones that are going to be hygienic, easy to keep clean and long-lasting. For example, stainless steel counter tops scratch easily. Likewise, the grout in tiled counter tops can become discoloured over time.

  • Choose an efficient range hood

To keep your kitchen free of condensation, choose a range hood that’s vented outside. Choose one that’s also quiet and efficient.

  • Choose easy-clean low-maintenance flooring15747426_1426378160706096_4451190431624926142_n

While hardwood flooring looks magnificent, it will wear out quicker in heavy traffic areas (such as between the sink, stove and fridge) than other flooring types. And stone floors will need to be resealed periodically, because it’s quite porous.

  • Keep safety in mind

To keep your little ones safe, consider including such elements as slip-resistant flooring, and counter-tops with rounded edges.

To avoid the chance of your children getting burned on oven doors, consider locating your oven at hip rather than floor height.


These are some of the key elements to consider when designing your dream kitchen but there are plenty more, which is why talking with kitchen designers makes so much sense.

They’ll help make your dream kitchen a reality, saving you time and money in the process.



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