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Key Design Tips for Creating a Contemporary Kitchen

Posted on by The Cabinet Maket

Creating a modern kitchen even on a limited budget is possible; you just need some careful planning and foresight before you embark on the project. We at The Cabinet Maker have put together a few tips that will help you create the ultimate contemporary kitchen in your home.

Minimalistic Colour Scheme

A modern kitchen is all about minimalism so rather than having several hues and shades, opt for a minimalistic colour scheme to create the illusion of space and style. Focus on white, beige, green and black for your kitchen, but don’t overdo the colour. Keep it simple and you will be amazed at the results.

Modern Appliances

A contemporary kitchen needs modern appliances, such as a new stove, a wall-mounted microwave, a chimney, an unobtrusive oven and an energy efficient refrigerator. Not only will the modern appliances give your kitchen a unique and fresh appearance, they will also make it easier and quicker for you to prepare food.

Subtle Lighting

Forget garish lighting; instead, change the lighting in your kitchen to subtle and focused. You may want to add focused lighting at the counter where you prepare food whilst in other areas opting for subtle lighting can create the right relaxed mood for the space. If possible, add a skylight to allow natural light to filter in.

Sleek Furniture

Get rid of the bulky chairs and dining table and replace them with sleek and stylish furniture that adds the perfect air of modernism to your revamped kitchen, thereby completing the whole contemporary look. Get furniture that matches the colour scheme and doesn’t take up too much space, yet still provides comfortable seating for everyone in your home.

At The Cabinet Maker, we can help design your contemporary kitchen without making it an expensive affair. We have been in this industry for more than 25 years and have the much needed knowledge and expertise to help you realise your dreams. We are primarily into manufacturing modern kitchens and can assist you in choosing the right kitchen for your home so simply put, you can be sure that with one of our modern kitchens, you will be inspired to cook up a storm! Contact us today or visit us at our showroom in Wisbech for all your high quality, modern kitchen requirements.

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